Saturday, September 5, 2015

Liked on YouTube: Singles Day Story

Singles Day Story
Singles Day Story, November 11 HOLIDAY Singles Day Party Singlism • A state of Life that has Holiday once a Year How young can I be to Celebrate? • Teens to retired, you qualify! How single do I have to be to Party? • You can host the party, • Attend the party • Be the guest of honor of the party, as a couple, married or not! Singles Day News • Keep up with this International Holiday • This year, globalization is our keyword for Singles Day. Singles Days is not just for consumers in a particular region, Singles Day is for the whole world. "November 11 used to be 'Singles' Day' for bachelors and bachelorettes to celebrate the single life. Then 'Singles' Day' became the Shopping Day, and now 'Singles' Day' is Couples' Shopping Day, finally a day dedicated to single people." Of course there are no restrictions and couples can celebrate the same day. 'Singles' Day' has grown globally from China, to Europe and now Canada and the United States. This holiday on 11/11 has grown to be a shopping festival. Single people (and couples) realize that they are important as individuals and take this celebration to reward themselves with items, trips, parties and pleasures that normally elude them through other gift giving occasions. These convictions are so strong all over the world that friends, neighbors, relatives and co-workers come together to make this celebration happen in every city, village, metro and community on the planet. The internet will bring the elusive gift and the friends bring the party. ( Or plan your own party, styour own party, start now on our social media and stir the buzz! INVITE THEM NOW, let them know Singles Day is coming!) When asked to explain, let tell them the story. Singles Day Story, for more on Singles day click here,
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