Sunday, August 16, 2015

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Colloidal Silver Review Los Angeles
Where to buy colloidal silver review Los Angeles Commercially there are only 2 methods to produce colloidal silver. These 2 methods determine Where to buy the best colloidal Silver in Los Angeles. Mild Protein colloidal silver (over 116 years old & most tested) up to 1100 ppm High Voltage (newest process, only about 25 years old) up to 20 PPM When one asks where to buy the best colloidal silver in Los Angeles,: 1. Disregard marketing created names like “ionic”, “true”, “advanced”, “best”, “homemade”, “non ionic”, or a trademarked name, (marketing hype) a. How to choose colloidal silver concentrations (ppm)? Particle size; Both Mild Protein & High Voltage colloidal silver allows the silver to be absorbed into the blood. These 2 methods produce particles so small that particles can penetrate virus cell walls. These “measurements of small” are tiny enough to get the job done, but the use must be addressed. 2. Choosing a colloidal silver concentration. a. When colloidal silver is used topically most colloidal silvers are sufficient. (After 4 minutes most virus & bacteria are dead in a petri dish), b. When colloidal silver is used Internally all colloidal silvers are diluted with 5-6 liters of blood. More ppm is better, especially if the virus replicates quickly! my review is simple: I chose a company of “Where to buy best colloidal Silver Los Angeles”: • That is Courteous on the phone, (1 580 889 6486) • • Offers a money back satisfaction Guarantee, • That has been in business 16 years, • Offers both kinds of colloidal silver; • High Voltage up to 20 ppm. • mild protein up to 1100 ppm and • Has other colloidal and natural products. • All at reasonable prices, I have used this same product from the same company for over 7 years! This is a 5 Star experience!!! Where to buy colloidal silver review Los Angeles for more info, to see more videos on California Colloidal silver,
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