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Liked on YouTube: Colloidal Silver Review

Colloidal Silver Review
Colloidal Silver Review Colloidal silver: what, where, why review If the names Doctors Oz, Mercola, Axe, West, Beck, Rogers, Martin, and Lemole are familiar to you, then you know colloidal silver is used today by accredited doctors who proclaim colloidal silver works. What: Colloidal silver is a basic element on the atomic table # 47, the symbol is Ag, colloidal merely means the individual particles have been broken down to a minute size that will allow the silver to be absorbed into the bloodstream. Most colloidal silver works topically, as test show all virus & bacteria dead in 4 min. (in vitro) Colloidal Silver used internally is diluted with 5-6 liters of blood, if working with an aggressive pathogen it would make sense to use a higher parts per million (ppm) colloidal silver. Where: Microscopic silver is abundant everywhere on the surface of the planet. Colloidal silver is manually concentrated in water so that it can be ingested. There are only two processes to produce colloidal silver in concentrations larger than found in the soil. • The first process is the oldest in the most studied, called mild protein colloidal silver, the process is 116 years old. (up to 1100 ppm) • The second process uses high-voltage electricity to literally blast solid silver into minute particles of deionized water, this process is about 25 years old. ( generally 20 ppm) Don’t be confused with the marketing “names” that have been attached to colloidal silver.(i.e. “high voltage silver”, “true silver”, “ionic silver”, “advanced silver”, “protein silver”. Why: Prior to penicillin, colloidal silver was the main prescription antibiotic used by doctors around the world. As penicillin became the mainstay antibiotic, misuse (patient’s failing to take complete doses) caused the pathogens to mutate creating superbugs that are immune to penicillin. There is no evidence that any virus or bacteria has become immune to colloidal silver in the past hundred and sixteen years. I have used colloidal silver for the past 14 years, I have had some amazing results in preventing mass infections from large open wounds to insect bites. When I travel overseas my colloidal silver goes as part of my emergency first aid kit. I give this colloidal silver a five-star ranking in my review. colloidal silver review
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